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♥ Keep us in your prayers
as we celebrate 100 years!

Prayer of Preparation
for the Centennial Celebration
of St. Joseph Church, Hilo

Gracious Father, who fills our land with rain and sunshine, with Aloha and joy. we lift up to You our hearts that are filled with gratitude as we begin the journey of celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the dedication of our beloved St. Joseph Church of Hilo.

It is You who have gathered us to become a Community of Disciples amid our ethnic diversities,who have known the warmth of Your embrace and loving guidance in the midst of the many storms and trials of life.

You have prepared us to be Stewards of the Gospel; helping us recognize our giftedness and learn how to put them into Your service.

Now arouse in us the desire to be true Witness to Jesus, through the Eucharist as the center of our lives, refected in the way we live and in the way we love one another. And with Your Spirit empowering us,and with the intercessions of Mary,our Mother and St. Joseph, our Patron and co-journeyer, may we only and always live in your love.