This Week's Reflection

March 24:
3rd Sunday of Lent – Year C – 2019

Fig tree bears fruit

It may bear fruit in the future.

Many people still believe like the Jews of Jesus’ time viewed tragic events as punishment from God for a wrongdoing committed. And Jesus would like to correct this way of thinking because God is a compassionate God who would readily provide a second chance for us to mend our ways.

But more than God’s ways, it is man’s preference of how justice is to be dispensed: that those who do wrong be punished and those who do good be rewarded. And we want it carried out on the spot. Any delay is not being just.

And that is where man is misguided. The justice of God might seem to be slow in coming but it is only because God will not readily give up on any of us. And will continuously reach out to us hopefully one day it will find a positive result. But let us not misunderstand – sin has its consequence and one will be held accountable for it, but God will not close the door till we make our final choice. But while God’s love is unconditional and without limits, our human existence is limited. And hopefully we are not caught unprepared.

Let our Lenten journey help us recognized all these opportunities for con-version and enter into it.