giving thanks

This Week's Reflection: Oct. 13

28th Sunday in ordinary Time – 2019

“To give thanks to God"

Everything that we are and have are a gift from God. For this reason, we must always be grateful to the Lord. And the best way to show our gratitude, is to make sure we use all these gifts according to His will, which we can be certain will be for good and the good of others. But sometimes, we forget. We either forget that they are gift from the Lord or we forget to thank the Lord.

In our Gospel this Sunday, Jesus extended his loving compassion to ten lepers by healing them but as the story tells us, only one, a Samaritan return to thank the Lord. “Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God”

One opportunity given to us to celebrate our thanksgiving for everything the Lord has done for us is through the Eucharist - from the Greek word Eu – which means good and Charis which means gift! And thus, Eucharist means to give thanks. Let us then offer our thanks-giving through a faithful thanks-living!