Opportunities to serve SJC

1.Needed: Hospitality Ministers for 7am Sunday Mass.

We appreciate & thank Zach Abregano, Sonny Castillo, Larry Reiss for their many years of service to St Joseph Church.

2. Needed: Flower Decorators &/or Donations of flowers & foliage. Four teams serve one Saturday a month to create a welcoming environment for weekly Masses.

Leave your name & contact info at SJC Office 935-1465 and Mary or Gwen will respond to your inquiries. Blessings for your consideration!

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What is Children's Liturgy?

Children’s Liturgy is a program that invites children ages 5 to 11 (with the exception that older siblings come to assist the younger children) to leave the larger parish assembly each week to celebrate a concurrent Liturgy of the Word in the rectory meeting space and then to return to the main parish assembly for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. The children experience the same readings and rituals as the larger parish assembly but use a special Children’s Lectionary. Children’s Liturgy aims to reproduce the liturgical, prayerful, and ritual based environment of the Mass, with developmentally appropriate readings and homily experiences.

Children enter the church with their families. They participate in the Opening Song, the Introductory Rite, the Penitential Rite, the Gloria and the Opening Prayer. When it is time to begin the Liturgy of the Word, the celebrant or deacon invites the children to participate in the Children’s Liturgy. A Children’s Liturgy volunteer comes forward in front of the altar. The children gather near the volunteer, who leads them to the meeting room, where they experience the Liturgy of the Word.

Weekly Children’s Liturgy is at all Sunday Masses: 7am, 9am, 11:45am & 6pm.



Children's Liturgy could not exist without the dedication, commitment and talent of our fabulous volunteers. Thanks to their help, the children in our parish are able to focus on and appreciate the Word of God.

There are basically two types of volunteers: Children’s Liturgy Leaders and Assistants.

Children’s Liturgy Leaders lead the Liturgy of the Word, teach (and reinforce) appropriate responses, read the Scripture readings, and prepare a homily experience, using material provided by the Faith Formation Office.

Children’s Liturgy Assistants help the children focus on the Liturgy of the Word and assist in bringing the children to and from the main assembly. Children’s Liturgy Assistants do not need to prepare before Mass and may leave immediately after Mass.

Volunteering in the Children’s Liturgy program does NOT take a big time commitment. Volunteers sign up on a semester long basis and commit to the number of Masses that fit their schedule and only for the dates that work for them. Children’s Liturgy volunteers are reliable, have a love of children, a passion for God's Word, and receive training prior to working the Children’s Liturgy program.

If this sounds like a ministry for you, please call or email the rectory and speak to the Director of Religious Education, Chrislyn Villena.


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CATECHIST Volunteer SIGN-UP FOR 2019-2020 R.E. Year!

Have you thought about being a catechist, but have never given it a try? We have a handful of volunteer Catechist spots just waiting for you!

We have teaching opportunities for on-going volunteers to assist in the classrooms as AIDES OR SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS. We won’t be able to offer classes for that grade level without the help of dedicated volunteers. You will receive assistance with lesson planning and materials are provided for you. Training and ongoing formation are available as well. Call the Rectory Office to see what opportunities are available. We can show you curriculum and lesson plans, supplies and ways to evangelize to our parish families.

QUALIFICATIONS AND SPECIAL SKILLS: *Love of the Lord and love of children *Willingness to share faith and nurture the children's faith *Be in full communion with the Catholic Church *Teaching experience is helpful, but not mandatory *Willingness to work on a team and collaborate for the good of the community *Be visible to your students at mass & encourage parish activities.

As you prepare and teach your lessons, you are sure to grow in faith your-self! Please call the office at 935-1464 or email Chrislyn Villena at for more information.


*Preparation time: 1 - 2 hours

*Class time: 1 1/2 hours
(15 minutes before, 1 hour with the class and possibly 15 minutes after dismissal)

*Meeting time: 1 ½ hours for catechist meeting
(quarterly or semi-annually)

*Personal formation, continuing education
classes: at own discretion

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New Second Collection Last Sunday of each MONTH

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Beginning this month we will be taking a second collection on the last weekend of each month for our School. We appreciate your consideration towards helping to support our Parish Catholic School. YOUR SUPPORT WILL CHANGE LIVES! GIVE TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION.