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All Masses, Prayer Services, Confession and Parish Activities due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Mass Schedule

7:00 am
Vigil 5:00 pm

7:00 am, 9:00 am
11:45 am, 6:00 pm

M- F: 6:00 am
& 12:15 pm

Legal Holidays
7:00 am


10:00 am - 11:00am
or by appointment

*Please note: Confession schedule does not apply during some liturgical seasons.

Prayer Times

M-F: 4-5:00 pm
Sat:. 3-3:30 pm
Sun: 4-4:30 pm

Evening Prayer
& Benediction

M-F: 5:00 pm

Sat: 3:30 pm

Sun: 4:30 pm

Home & Hospital Communion

Please call the rectory to make arrangements
to receive Communion at home or in the hospital.

Funeral Arrangements

Please contact the Parish office at (808) 935-1465 before making arrangements with the funeral director / mortuary.
We must confirm the parish calendar is open for the funeral date you choose for your loved one.

Are You Registered?

If you are new to the parish or need to update your registration please click the registration form link SJ Registration Form then print, fill-out and return. Thank you!

Mail to: St. Joseph Church 43 Kapiolani St. Hilo, Hi 96720

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Mar. 21 & 22
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Building repair
& Maintenance




My dear parishioners—I wanted to let you know that we will soon be repairing the potholes in our parking lot! During that time the gates will be closed and access will be restricted to the Kapiolani Street entrance. Thank you for your cooperation.

We just finished a repair to the exterior of the rectory thanks to David Mendiola and crew!

Please continue to support our R & M collections so that we may continue the upkeep our beautiful church and rectory! May God bless you!

-Fr. Poli

faith formation



God has given us:

Eyes, not to judge
other but to look
beyond situations,

Mouth, not to criticize but to speak for the truth,

Hands, not to punish
but to give a helping hand,

Ears, not to be insensitive but to
listen and aid those
in pain.

Everything God gave
us has its purpose.
Use them for the
greater glory
of the Lord.

March 29, 2020

5th Sunday of lent – 2020 (A)

“Master, the one you love is ill”

As we move closer to Holy Week, this Sunday we have a glimpse of what it means to be a friend of Jesus. Lazarus is referred to as “the one Jesus loves and his friend.”

So it comes with no surprise that when Jesus learnt that Lazarus died, he wept. The death of a friend, Lazarus, plus seeing the grief in Martha and Mary might seem reason enough for Jesus to weep. He understood the pain of man first hand – when we are suffering, he suffers with us. And I believe it is more painful for him because in his heart he knew that His Father, who created the world, intended it to be perfect, free from sin and its consequence, death.

That is why Jesus came not only to comfort his sisters but to restore his friend to life and all because he loves him. Such is the love He has for all of us that He is willing to give His life for us.That is why Jesus came not only to comfort his sisters but to restore his friend to life and all because he loves him. Such is the love He has for all of us that He is willing to give His life for us.

Thus in the midst of all the pain and threat of COVID 19, know that we have a friend in Jesus and He will never stay away from us but will always be with us to overcome this tribulations.

Our dearest parishioners please find the time to continue your prayers and stay close to the Gospels as we witness to Jesus even in this distant manner.

Upon the recommendation of the Diocese, we deeply regret that we are CANCELLING ALL PARISH EVENTS, including the weekday hour of private prayers, Saturday confessions and the closure of the rectory office for any & all in-person operations. However, you may call the office during weekday morning hours for information, mail in your tithing via personal check (NOT CASH) or visit the online donation page on our parish website.

Utilize the Diocese of Honolulu Website, the parish website and our myParish app for more information & resources, especially the online Mass schedule and other opportunities for virtual prayer services.


March 27, 2020: Update #4
Latest Covid-19 - Diocese of Honolulu Directives

from: Bishop Larry Silva

“Subject: Updated General Directives and Liturgical Guidelines Due to the COVID-19

A message from
Most Reverend Larry Silva,
Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu


[By Bishop Larry Silva]

Dear God of all the living, you sent your Son Jesus to heal us from illness and sin. We turn to his healing power in this time of anxiety over the pandemic of this potentially deadly virus.

St. Damien and St. Marianne Cope dedicated their lives to the service of those who had an infectious disease. St. Marianne Cope said, “I am not afraid of any disease,” because she was confident in your power to save. At the same time, she took prudent precautions of hygiene to assure that she and her Sisters would not be infected. Let us learn from this example to put our trust in you to save us from the ravages of disease and to take prudent measures to prevent its spread. Guide us to know when to isolate ourselves from the possibility of infection, but never let anyone be left with-out the care and concern of others in the community.

Fr. Damien

As our Diocese of Honolulu has been dedicated to the Divine Mercy, we pray with confidence, “Jesus, I trust in you.”

Saint Damien, pray for us!
Saint Marianne, pray for us!

growing to serve

to Serve
at St. Joseph Church

St. Joseph welcomes volunteers to serve in a variety of ministries. We encourage parishioners to serve God in many ways through our Pillars of Hospitality, Prayer, Faith Formation and Service. There is a need for more volunteers in the following ministries:

  • Hospitality Ministry -Teams for cleaning our church and creating a welcoming environment once a month. Teams or individuals are needed to decorate and beautify inside and outside of the church.

  • Choir – Members to sing in choir or lead the congregation through song to lift praises during the Masses.

  • Eucharistic Ministers- Those who assist the priest in administering the sacraments of holy communion.

  • Lectors – A reader who is assigned to read a Biblical text during the mass.

  • Altar Servers-Children who assist the priest during Mass in the sanctuary.

  • Sacristans-Adults who assist the priest during Mass in the sanctuary.

  • Substitute RE Classes Teachers-Adults who teach the catechism of the Catholic Church to families of our parish on Sunday mornings

  • Children's Liturgy Ministers-Sunday Masses lead the children out of Mass to participate in the Liturgy of the Word delivered in age appropriate manner.

  • Youth/Young Adult Leadership-adults who minister to the teens (14-18) and young adults (18-39) in a comprehensive style of ministry.

  • Service Pillar – Adult volunteers to give a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon to help those with needs in our community. Adults to help with funerals at St. Joseph Church.

If you are interested and willing to serve in these ministries, please fill in the attached form and submit it in the collection basket. Our ministry coordinators will contact you.Your help is most needed. Mahalo for your kindness and cooperation.

Stewardship Committee – C. Miyashiro, Co-chair & B. Rasay, Co-chair Volunteer Ministry

Print, fill out & return: Volunteer Ministry Form



We are called! Join our faith community—and more than 14,000 Catholic communities across the United States—in a life-changing Lenten journey with CRS Rice Bowl.



Meet Trinh

Dreams for Tomorrow

Everyone—you, your parents, your friends—has dreams for the future. Trinh has dreams too. she want to learn more and get a job so she can help her family.

"Trinh will be different than me. I want her to be fully educated and not drop out of school. It’ll be hard for us at home—but I’m prepared to work to make Trinh’s dreams come true."
-Tien, Trinh’s mother


Trinh dreams of becoming a doctor. “I want to be a doctor to help poor patients,” says Trinh. “When my father is in pain, I want to cure him.”

She knows that if she wants to achieve her dream, she’ll need to attend university. Trinh’s parents are ready to help her get there. “Trinh will be different than me,” her mother, Tien, says. “I want her to be fully educated and not drop out of school. It’ll be hard for us at home—but I’m prepared to work to make Trinh’s dreams come true.”

Visit for more.



All previously scheduled Stations of the Cross held at St. Joseph Church have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We encourage you to pray the stations of the Cross from home. Please consider participating in one of these online:

Virtual Stations of the Cross -bustedHalo

Stations of the Cross -CRS Rice Bowl

The stations take about 45 minutes to complete and is a lovely way to meditate on Jesus' road to the cross. We especially encourage families to participate as part of our Lenten Observance.