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priesthood sunday

Priesthood Sunday, Sep 26

The Serra Club of Honolulu urges lay parish leaders to join with parishes throughout the United States in honoring their priests on Sunday, September 26, “Priesthood Sunday.” Serra Club of Honolulu President, Jack Kampfer, says, “We hope every parish does something to express the appreciation of their faith community for the devoted priests who serve them. Recognition is especially relevant considering the small number of priests that serve our diocese. Also, those contemplating a vocation will be encouraged by the esteem shown our priests. This is an opportunity for each parish to reaffirm the priesthood as central to the life of our Church.”


My Parish App & Other
Digital Prayer Resources

We would like to suggest other digital platforms for your prayer and scripture needs. Both the iBrevery & Laudate App can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple devices or the Google Play Store for Android users. You may also view the parish weekly bulletin at our website, www.stjoehilo.com.


Any crafters out there?

Father Poli is asking for any parishioners who would like to sew cloth masks to donate for parishioners who may need one. It doesn't matter the style or design as long as it properly covers the mouth and nose.

You may drop off masks directly to Father Poli at the office or at church.

Thank you!

Home Internet Security training
for parishioners
and families



In addition to the Cybersecurity Awareness Training we're doing for all Diocesan rccha-waii.org email users, below is a link and password that you can share with your parishioners and families for Home Internet Security training, as internet safety is vital in church and personal endeavors. There is no charge and no limit on how many people can take this training.

To get started, click on this link, https://www.knowbe4.com/homecourse, enter the password: homecourse and click "Submit."



Bishops Annual Appeal Bishops Annual Appeal < help wanted

For those who are requesting baptisms and families who are awaiting faith formation for their children we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this time of transition.

To date, no one has applied for the Director of Religious Education position. We remain confident that God will provide us with the right person to take over our Religious Education Department.

Until then we will do our best to provide the Sacrament of Baptism.


stjoseph church

St. Joseph Church Collection

The General Collection is used for the day to day operation of the parish and its programs. You may set up a one-time or recurring donation to our parish.



St. Joseph Church is excited to announce that our new online portal is up and can be view by accessing the parish website.

For those of you who have used the WeShare portal, please go to our VANCO site and set up a new user account with them. And for those of you who have considered online giving yet never tried...now’s the time!

Thank you for your support of our parish!

get involved

The Safety Committee

"The Safety Committee is seeking new members. The Committee serves to insure the health, safety, and security of our parish, parishioners, and visitors. Those with backgrounds in healthcare, public safety, emergency preparedness, or who would just like to contribute to the mission of the Committee may contact Safety Committee Chairman Clem Gusman at 895-4498 for more information."


If any parishioner or visitor witnesses suspicious activities or feels threatended by individuals while on the Church property, please call the police immedidately, not the parish rectory office.


BEWARE-COVID-19 Scam Emails

This past weekend, a parishioner received an email claiming to be from Bishop Larry Silva requesting gift cards to help a priest with COVID-19. This is a scam email. DO NOT reply to the email, ignore and delete it.

Bishop Silva has reconfirmed that he will never send an email asking an individual for money, gift cards or any other gift. Hallmark signs of phishing and scam emails often include bad grammar, bad spelling, threats to do damage, and a short deadline to pay money with a link.

Below are some tips if you receive a phishing or scam email:

  • Don’t reply back to the sender. Doing so alerts the sender to the fact that this is a live email account.
  • Instead, call the alleged sender directly on their official phone line and ask if they sent the email.
  • Don’t click on any links in the email. Instead hover over a link to see the full web address and whether it might be coming from a suspicious site that could install malware on your computer or try and get your sensitive information like log-ins, personal data or financial details.
  • If you’d like to alert the diocese to the fact that an email pretending to be someone related to the church is circulating, you can forward it to: ithelpdesk@rcchawaii.org.